Sunday, December 10, 2017

Kecewa tegur kawan lama

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

How' s your weekend, everybody? Hope all were gone well..

A few cases i got thru all this while...hmm pasal kawan lama...berlaku dh lama and ade yang baru jer berlaku. Sedih but its okay...

I don't know if everyone feel the same.perasaan nak tegur/ contact kwn lama..sometime bile teringat kat memory lama then mesti la terfikir ape yg kwn lama korang buat sekarang. That's what i feel when i bored actually (hahaha).

But then when you whatsapp your old friend, her reply were like 'hmm' , 'ok' and a very simple word that describe 'pls don't disturb' if dah dpt reply yg mcm tu i pun tak fikir panjang and terus stop the communication. I think they ingat i nak jual brg kot...haha. (that alwiz happen to me...many fren tibe2 whtassp but then promote her product, but i layan jer not buy it).

Back to my case, i contact kwn lama bkn nk jual brg pun. Just nak tanye khabar and bak kata org nk eratkan silaturahim, can you treat me nice? Thanks

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