Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is in my mind

at this time i feel something hit my head.........pls take it away from me....i'm stuck and i hate this......

sometime i feel everyone was and always will be selfish.........what can i say?

or maybe i'm not yet arrive my life point.....so i'm not yet got what all i want.....i'm always on my way of destination.....till then?even i'm always try and try to get out from this bad feeling.....never success...........

but only HE knows......yes,that is the answer......what can i say?


  1. I may not know you but sometimes I feel that way too. I hate my mind for thinking so much.

    I'd normally tell my friends about it, but sometimes it just seems to make me think even more. But try this, before you go to bed, type out your problems or what is going on in your head in your phone and delete it.

    It kinda works for me.

    But what do I know right? I don't know what you're going through, but wish you all the best in feeling better :)

  2. its really normal for girls to think too much..

    just take a deep breath and heal~