Sunday, February 7, 2010

Siapa Yang Kaya

I found and read this in Solusi Magazine Isue 16-Telaga Biru.

This is not write by a student under age.........:)

A rich father bring his son to one of his friend's house. His friend is a poor person.He wants his son to notice how rich they are when they live in the poor house....after 3 days,they leaved that house.Then the father ask his son on their journey home......

F: What is your opinion about our holiday?
F:Now,you must realize different of rich and poor living,is it?
S: Yes!
F: So,tell me what you had learn...
S: We got only one cat,but they had many cats and they feed them!We got a swimming pool,but they got a nice and long river for them to bath!We had an imported lamp,but they had a stars on the sky for them to look on night!

The father wants to interrupt but his son just continue....

S:We got a quality road,but the had a greennnnn field.....We are happy and proud to ask our maid to do everything we need,but they are happy to serve and help peoples!We had many foods,but they produce their own foods!We got security to secure our live,but they had many best friends to kept them safe!

The father just shut up when his son said:

S: Thanks dad to make me notice that they were really rich and we are really poor.......

The end

So,what u learn?
Children were honest and never lie
Rich life does not promise a healthy and happy life
Poor life does not mean we sad
Everyone must keep their life improve but it must balance between materials and good feeling
do show a respect to poor person too!
nobody is perfect in this world!